Saturday, September 8, 2012

A lot has happened since my husband lost his job in August. We have grown closer and I have grown to admire him more. I know he will find another job because, first I believe and you have to believe to achieve and second because he has put 150% in to looking, calling and rewriting his resume. 

Going through this with him, I have realized I should think about my future and so I have been thinking more about what I want for lets say the next five years. About 10 years ago my two sisters and I got together and made journals for our next five years. Most of what I wrote down actually came true and better than I could have dreamed of. So it is time for me to make a new Journal for my next five years and believe it will happen too!

I won't be sharing the journal, the last time I just stuck it away and forgot about it. Then one day I remembered it, dug it out, and couldn't have been more happier that it turned out so true.

Happy Blogging to all!

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