My Workroom

This is what you see when entering my workroom, which I just moved into a month ago. Our guest room is no more and will be purchasing a blow up bed for guest, which don't come very often.

This is looking to the right of my desk. The bins and white drawers hold all sizes of paper, scraps organized in drawers by colors.

This is the right side of my desk, tools and adhesives are in the black storage unit, very handy to reach. Plus I have drawers under my desk for most used items. And all my inks are in the drawers just to the right under the pink box. Which also holds all my wood stamps, the clear ones are hanging on the carrousel.

This is to the left of my desk, more drawers, I love drawers! The closet is full of items for scrap booking and sewing too.

This is on the far wall from my desk, my sewing area. With a small white pull out table for scrap booking.

I am very blessed because I have all this and my computer is another room that I share with my husband! So I have two work areas!