Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sabrina the Birthday Bear

When my baby, Sabrina turned 30 we went shopping and she wanted to get a Build a Bear. It was a very fun time with her.  To remember the special Day, I decided to get one and dress her like Sabrina and since it was Sabrina's birthday I added the Birthday song to the bear. 

After bringing it home I decided to call it Sabrina and then thought it would be nice to share her with others. So the idea came to me to make the tag you see and have it open for a place for signatures. The tag says: 

Hello, my name is Sabrina.
I am a Birthday Bear.
I am here to wish you Happy Birthday!
Just squeeze my left foot
and when my song is finished, look in my purse for your surprise!
On you way home today, please take me home to Lonna’s Office. Thank you!
P.S. Please write your name and Birthday on the inside of my tag,
so I can remember you on my journey.

I took her to work for many birthdays and she gave a smile to their faces, and each one found a gift card in her purse.

Here is a picture of my baby with her favorite treat on her 30th birthday.


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